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About Working For A Living:


The CCPA-Ontario's Working For A Living website is a storytelling project to convey the value of a decent minimum wage and a living wage.


As part of her summer 2013 student internship with the CCPA-Ontario, Ryerson University student Ellie Gordon-Moershel came up with the idea of an interactive website that combines one-minute audio clips with compelling photography to tell the story.


Over the course of the summer, Ellie interviewed low-wage workers, economists, academics, activists, and employers about the benefits of a minimum wage that doesn't keep a worker in poverty, and about the value of a living wage.


Given the importance of photography to this project, we engaged professional photographer Neil Ward, who took most (but not all) of the photos on this website.


To learn more about the minimum wage and the living wage, please visit the CCPA-Ontario's website, which features a wealth of research on the subject:




Project contributors:

Tim Mills

Tim Mills

Job seeker

Job hunting with a graduate degree and low income.

Project coordinator:


Concept and audio recordist:

Website design:

Cheryl Athersych

Neil Ward

Ellie Gordon-Moershel

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